And other palaces

And other palaces… The series of work on Versailles was a real catalyser…a trigger of innovation. In “And other palaces”, Christine Glen pursues her exhilarating journey of research of effects and discovery of new approaches. She continues to work acrylics in humidity to which she adds oil. The first paintings of the series “And other palaces” was realized upon pure impulse and totally impromptuously whilst strolling in Paris. Subconsciously, the gaze of the artist settled upon the Grand Palace, then the Garnier Opera Palace, the Tokyo Palace, then in China upon the roof of the Old Palace of the Forbidden City. The common thread was thus naturally found. In each painting, Christine Glen draws inspiration from previous discoveries and tries, dares something new, a brushes stroke, a mix, a drying technique or superposition of multiple layers. The result is a unique interpretation of a landmark known by all, original, untested angles, surprising effects and a play of color that is most harmonious. Mystery of the creation.