What is essential is invisible to the eye

(A. De Saint Exupéry)

Reality as the starting point.
Visual reality, not always.
Emotional reality.
A view, an experience, sometimes a simple odour or melody suffices, inviting me to travel.
Behind each reality, an initially imperceptible essential.
For the essential is invisible to the eye.
It is this essential that I seek out, guided by colours, lines, movement, light, contrasts and matter.
Other ingredients to extract from reality some fibres, some vibrations:
Intuition, instinct, letting-go, pleasure.
My interpretation of things : a very personal line drawn between a starting point and a first step, then a second…then an arrival.
An arrival, sometimes a tumultuous proposition, imperfect, surprising, disturbing, provoking or temporary, prior to a better departure.
An attempt to achieve beauty
My essential to share.

All art passes by a mastery of techniques, theoretical knowledge.
During the creative process, it is every bit as important, in my view, to know to distance oneself in order to capture the uncapturable and to offer an interpretation.

Today, I am inspired by natural forms but take liberties with colours and composition. A subject sometimes matures unconsciously for weeks, only ripening once on canvas, and ripening further when a work evolves into a series.

Spontaneity is important to me also. Sometimes there is no maturing process. I just paint on the spot what my eye has filtered from an unaccustomed angle.

I participate in many painting competitions in the Paris region and in 2003, 2004 and 2005 was awarded either the first prize or the “originality” prize for my work (12 awards for 15 competitions).

Private collections in Great Britain, Germany, Australia and France following exhibitions or commissions.