Artistic Lamps

Tribute to Edison

Thanks to Edison and his ten thousand attempts to give light to men and his incandescent lamps that I use in this luminous parenthesis.

Thanks to Mother Nature for growing trees, who has been giving wood to men since the dawn of time.Thanks to Euclid and his axioms, father of geometry in space, thanks to which I was able to make 20 cubes.
Thanks to my father for opening his workshop to me, sharing his love of woodworking and helping me to transform these cubes into lamp holders.
Thank you to Kandinsky for illuminating my childhood and allowing me to paint on these supports.
Thank you to my piano for inspiring my dreams and to the statue of Beethoven in my workshop who makes sure that the breath carries me further.
Thank you for coming to see these new creations or for reacting and enlightening me on the art that is there.