Colored fields, musical fields

Colored fields, musical fields Once again, it is nature that inspires me, that which surrounds me…the undulating fields of my village, the vast plains of the Brie region (the world famous cheese owes its name to the region, not the reverse!) that stretch out from all around my home, under many different skys, gripping scenery. Incidentally, one such view has become my cinema…I know that this field is there if I turn my head to the right, thus I imagine for a few seconds its aspect under wintery light or morning mist and each time it yields itself to my imagination, it is yet better than I could ever have imagined! Attracted by symmetry of ploughed furrows, the curves of the valleys, the vast monocolor expanses, I wanted to conduct an experiment of the palette…limiting the number of colors but posing them side-by-side in an unexpected and sometimes shocking way. The outright simplification of the design allows me to transpose on the canvas more of a movement than a landscape, to leave an impact rather than an impression.